jueves, 2 de febrero de 2012

Con esfuerzo y constancia todo puede lograrse

Rather than the mystical powers the name (and my silly photo) suggests, this is simply charm, persistence, boldness and, most importantly, a refusal to give up, which leads to great things being achieved that the average person won’t, since they simply don’t try hard enough.
It’s “distorting” reality, very simply because one “reality” is what people think about you failing, and another is what you think and do, to make sure you succeed. You have to ignore the naysayers, even if some of what they say may be true (i.e. a “reality”), but actually totally irrelevant to you and your situation (e.g. maybe some unhelpful studies show that kids are better learners, but others show that adults are), and focus only on what will bring you in the right direction.
I don’t actually think Steve Jobs was unique in having one. It’s something that could be argued (depending on how you define it) that everyone applies in one way or another. The difference is that some people have configured their RDF to work for them (or to help other people), while the majority of us have ours set to self-sabotage mode. Those who have achieved great things despite setbacks have had a way of living and a mentality that made these things much more likely.
In my mind a RDF is synonymous with a lifestyle and mentality that hacks luck, filters for success, ignores any “signs” from the universe that you should stop, is filled with passion, and helps you to surround yourself with people who will help you achieve that goal.
This is not about the law of attraction; a cheesily marketed and questionably explained technique to “think” yourself to greatness. The point is that a positive mentality combined with a LOT of hard work is what’s really required here. No bogus explanations about quantum psychic energy are required to understand why the following suggestions, with video illustrations, simply work:
Taken from Benny Lewis' blog, which I highly recommend.
/ Extracto del blog de Benny Lewis, que os recomiendo encarecidamente.

Y como ya sabéis, «en casa del herrero, cuchillo de palo», así que la traducción del extracto vendrá cuando tenga tiempo.

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Diego dijo...

Recuerda: "stay hungry, stay foolish". Y yo añadiría "don't give up and try again, harder"

Patricia dijo...

:) Bonito.

ashi dijo...

Me quedo con esto: "The point is that a positive mentality combined with a LOT of hard work is what’s really required here."
El fragmento en sí es genial, pero creo que esa es mi parte favorita :)